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3D pique assietter mosaic art panel
pique-assiette mosaic
18 x 22
The Past is Calling
glass mosaic
3 D glass mosaic hearts
3D Glass Mosaic
23" x 13"
3D pique assiette style mosaic
3D ceramic mosaic
23" x 19"
3D pique assiette mosaic wall organzer
pique-assiette mosaics
10 x 20
Trois Fleurs
3D pique assiette mosaic
3 panels 8x8
mosaic-ed vintage toaster with glass mosaic "toast"
glass mosaic
Mosaic cat
glass mosaic
10" x 8"
mosaic cat face
glass mosaic
8" x 8"
Mardi Gras
glass mosaic
29" tall
Masqerade en Mosaique
glass mosaic sculpture
12" x 8" x 4"
glass moasic on mirror
14"x 14"
Talavera Tile Beverage Bucket
Mexixan Talavera Tile Mosaic
14 x 9
Metals Explosion Mirror
22" diameter
Jump for Joy Mirror
mixed media mosaics
Hand cut art glass, vitreous glass, Van Gogh glass and mirror on guitar shape.
glass mosaic
30" x 12"
hand cut glass mosaic mandala
glass mosaic
20" diameter
Hand cut ceramic with tempered glass and mirror.
22" x 30"
glass and mirror mosaic
glass mosaic
18' diameter
Hand cut irridized art glass, gold mirror, Van Gogh glass with brass BB's accents and hand painted topper.
glass mosaic
8" wide by 12' tall
A Fish entitled Wanda
glass mosaic
13" x 9"
Emerald Clock
24" diameter
glass moasic heat sculpture
3 D glass mosaic sculpture
Re-cycled mosaic toaster art
glass mosaic
glass on glass mosaic window art
glass on glass mosaic
12" x 14"
Re-cycled/ re-purposed vintage Sunbeam coffee perculator. Hand cut art glass, mirror and smalti with stainless steel BB's.
glass and mirror mosaic
7"x 11"
Huge "Nebakeneezar" wine bottle, mosaiced with hand cut glass and smalti mosaic and brass BB's.
glass mosaics
29" tall

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